C’mon Geese

Bill Began his Experiments with Bird flight as early as 1985. Inspired by the film Skyward, in which Canada Geese are filmed flying behind a boat, Bill wondered if it were possible to teach geese to fly behind his ultralight aircraft. During the Early years Bill and his family videotaped their daily adventures and eventual success. Afterwards Bill edited the footage and came up with the short documentary video “C’mon Geese”, a phrase that could be heard echoing through the valley behind Purple Hill on any given summer morning in the late 80’s, as Bill and family chased, herded and cajoled the little yellow fuzzballs into following the aircraft. C’mon Geese contains fantastic footage of the cute little goslings as well as dramatic never before seen in flight images of the birds close up from the ultralight. The video was a smashing success and is aired regularly on public broadcasting stations.


Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival.
Gold Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival.
Grand Prize of Festival , Free Flight Film Festival, France.
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