A beautiful free form rocking chair that features a cast-iron type  tractor seat and backrest. Several hundred of these were made in the late 70’s and are still around today. It was featured in several magazines around the world.

These Rockers are now Collectors Items One that was featured in Architectural Digest in 07 sold for $5,800, It turns out I have enough seats and back castings to make 23 more. As I never throw out anything I still have the bending dies and assembly jig so if you would like one of the last 23 (numbered 08-01 through 23, Richard Vanheuvelen and I will make them to order but we will only make them in stainless steel ( the seats and backs are cast aluminum ) price is C $5,000

each if interested email WilLiaMLishmAn  AT Gmail.com – only rewrite it in email fashion.